Sunday, March 7, 2010


Wow! It has been a long time since my last post! I am sure everyone is wondering what my excuse is for the lapse in time. The only excuse I have is, LIFE! Trey is still working in Wyoming. I am so blessed and thankful that he has a job in a time when so many are losing theirs. But in the same breath I am SO ready for him to come home. I miss him so much. I know the kids do too. Laiken told me tonight at bedtime that she is really ready for her daddy to come home. All I could say is, "me too, baby, me too". Then I told her he will be here in a few weeks, but she does not know when that will be. A few days ago, I told Jack that his daddy loved him. Jack said, "No Daddy. Daddy, where are you?" When he said "no daddy", he meant that he did not see him. Moments like those are hard. Baseball season is starting tomorrow. Dylan is really excited. I took him and the babies to the batting cages last Thursday. He has not played in two years, but did not seem out of practice at all. He hit much better than most of the other boys there practicing. They made several comments to him about how well he was doing. And the coaches made many comments to me about his natural abilities. Laiken and Jack love to be outside, so they are anxious for the season to start too. Today we went to the Ponchatoula, LA Crafts Fair. First of all let me say....what language do they speak in Ponchatoula?? Just kidding, I believe the majority of locals there were true Cajuns. And a true Cajun is somewhat difficult to understand. But very friendly, I might add. It was a cute little festival. We enjoyed ice-cream twice, pony rides, a train ride, and face painting. I bought a wall plaque that reads "Home is where your Mom is". I hope my children always feel that way about me. I hope they look up to me and love me the way I look up to and love my mother. Next month, Ponchatoula is having a Strawberry Festival. It will be much bigger. I believe it is a state wide fair. Strawberries are the state fruit in Louisiana. We are looking forward to our first Strawberry Festival. I may even enter the kids in a strawberry eating contest! One final word about Jack. He was in time out Saturday for throwing a spoon into the living room, from his booster seat in the dining room. After sitting in time out for 2 min. I asked him if he was ready to get up. (I always ask him if he is ready, then I ask him to apologize to me or to Laiken, whichever one he happened to offend at the time.) So when I said, "Are you ready to be nice and get up?" Jack responds, "yeah, sorry spoon!" Priceless! My sweet little man!!!!! I promise to blog more stories about my little angels at more regular intervals, or at the very least....every Sunday evening.

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  1. So happy you are blogging again! I missed reading stories about your little ones.