Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!!!

You don't see pictures of Dylan much in my blog. 1. Because he is a hermit. I think the lights in the house burn his eyes or something because he just stays in his room ALL of the time. 2. Because he thinks having his picture made is lame, and knows it will end up on FB or this blog. I say, "Let me take your picture." And this is the face I get, always....

He is holding my newest online recipie creation!! Jalapeno Popper Dip, and let me just say it was AMAZING! I stuffed myself with Super Bowl Party food. The food and the beer are my favorite part of any football game. :)

And I have the Super Bowl to thank for this one too. Did anyone see the "Transformer" commercial that aired multiple times showing the transformers throwing some sort of balls?? Whatever they were throwing must have looked like a baseball piggy bank to Jack. He came out of his room like this crying. He said, "I broke my piggy bank. I was trying to be a transformer and I threw my piggy bank. It broke all over my floor!" All of that was translated by Laiken. I had no clue what he was saying. I didn't even see the commercial. His pain was punishment enough. I told him I was sad about his bank, but proud he came to me and told the truth. Honesty is a big deal with me. Hopefully, it will be with Jack too.

 Brynley, my angel has joined the "your kid is all of a sudden really quiet....WHAT ARE THEY DOING??? club" While I was getting everyone ready to leave the house, Brynley was quietly eating lunch. She was quiet for a really long time, normally she would not sit there without someone in the room. So going to check on her, I find she has stolen the last 2 pieces of Laiken's PB&J. Yes, Brynley was in sammich heaven. After her bath, I was still running around grabbing stuff, and I thought to myself, "Where's Brynley, she is so quiet."  I hear her down the hall. On my way to get her, I find this...
and this...
She was in her room innocently playing with toys when I found her. :)

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