Sunday, October 2, 2011


Laiken watched the first half of " Gone with the Wind" with me. She was talking about Scarlett later and said, "You know...the lady in the southern belle movie that was mean to all the boys?" I said, "Scarlett?" She said, "Yeah, she was pretty, but she was really mean to all of those boys, right?" LOL Laiken is so observant. She doesn't miss anything!

Jack, oh my sweet, funny Jack. He came in from outside, "Mama!! Look what is in  my rain boot! A really big green cricket." He comes closer. "No Jack, that is a grasshopper. He is dead." Jack said, "Oh." So then he fills up a little cup with water and puts the dead grasshopper in it. He comes back inside every few minutes to check on him. After a few times, he picks up the cup and shows it to Laiken. He says, "You know if you put a dead cricket in water he comes back to life." He walks towards the open back door and holds the cup up. "And sunlight helps too. And you can see his green more." We didn't say anything and Jack walked outside. After the door shut, Laiken said, "He sure tells alot of stories that aren't true." Jack comes back in later with his cup and goes to the bathroom. "I am gonna wash him now." I went in the bathroom to check on the "mess in progress". He said, " I am going to name my dead cricket Brooklyn." As I am writing this, He and Brooklyn (in a cup of water, freshly bathed) are still hanging out. Doing stuff together.

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