Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The pool is open and we have been swimming almost everyday since last thurs. It is awesome! I love it. The pool is perfect for Laiken and Jack. It has 4 half circles, one on each side, that are only a foot and 1/2 deep and wide enough that each little half circle is like a baby pool. They are probably there as a step to access the pool from every side, but they look like little baby pools to me, and work perfectly. We walk to and from the pool. It is great, we get a little exercise and a little sun every day. We are already starting to get dark. Unfortunately, standing in the pool most of the time we are there, and the walk there and back are all factors contributing to having a flip flop tan line again. I swore I wouldn't have one this year but seems unavoidable. Besides, it was still there a little from last year. Hard to get rid of. On one of our recent walks back from the pool Laiken picked up an earthworm and carried it all the way back to the apartment. She put it on all kinds of stuff on the way back and set it down and picked it up repeatedly. She even got upset once because she "broke" its head off. Lol. By the time we got home, he was limp and no longer moving. I convinced her he was sleeping and to leave him in the grass. Gross!

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